• Brandee Harris

Quick Trick to Loose a Few LBS's

I'm always trying to find a way to loose a few pounds-SAFELY. Especially after having two kids and being in my 30's, it seems so much harder. For real, when I was in college I used to literally have two Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuits from McDonalds drive thru every morning on the way to school and some how still was able to keep a 6pack!! Freaking young genes!! Then when I turned 27yrs old, unfortuanltey it all started catching up with me. I was on tour as a dancer and my boss told me I was getting FAT!! EEEEEKKKK, whats a girl to do?!?! I had no clue about eating right. I thought to loose weight I had to go on some crazy diet of only salads and basically eat air for the rest of the day.

So for my own sake I went to Nutrition School and educated myself (purely out of vanity at first lol). A whole new world opened up for me!! Wait, there are other veggies besides corn on the cobb that aren't nasty!! WHOA!! Thats when I found what would be one of the key players is helping me shed my lady lumps -WATER!!

WATER!?!? Everyone knows that water is good for you but no one ever feels like they drink enough. Yes water is an oldie but goodie. To me, its the foundation for our health. I mean we are made up of about 70% of the stuff.

The benefits of water are massive but today I just want to give you a trick as to how to use it to loose a few pounds, so here we go! Its just as simple as drinking a glass of water before every meal! Yup thats it. When I was a kid my mom would say "Stop drinking all that juice before you get too full and don't have room for your food!!" Now I'm like "Touche' Mother, good advice!" Though she wanted me to drink less so I could eat more I flipped that to drink more and eat less!! I LOVE to eat don't get me wrong - but sometimes thats the problem! So drinking a glass of water before every meal helps to fill me a little more so I don't chow down so hard. It also has other benefits such as helping with digestion, nutrient absorption, detoxification and blah blah we don't care we just want to get skinny! ( LOL just kidding) .

So challenge yourself and see how it works for you. A glass of water before every meal!!

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