• Brandee Harris

Cheap Ways to Relax Like a Queen

Listen ladies, living this life (this meaning whatever life you live) is taxing. Even when we are living our "BEST LIFE" its still tiring. Working is tiring and partying wares me out! Not to mention kids- if you have kids they probably stress you out at some point and if you don't have kids you probably stress about having them at some point (LOL). Whats a girl to do? A girl needs to REEELLLAAAXX. Easier said then done right, well it doesn't have to be. Here are some cheap and easy ways to relax yourself and let you mind be free!!!

THE KOREAN SPA- I heart emoji this place!! Its only about $20 to use the spa amenities (of which there are plenty to choose from). You have to be naked which it seems scary but once your over being self conscience its AMAZING! They have tasty food and you can literally hangout there all day just detoxing and rejuvenating yourself.

TEA & TV- Seems simple but it does wonders! Grab a really cute mug and a flavored tea. Ditch the lame Lipton tea bags for a robust loose leaf or a high end bagged tea. Find an interesting book or movie and just forget about the world for an hour!

TAKE A WALK- Walking can be very relaxing thought it seems a bit counterintuitive. Grab a pair of workout pants and a cute top, pop those earbuds in and turn on your favorite playlist or podcast. Find a part of town that inspires you by its beauty, take a deep breath and start walking. Walking is also great because it kills two birds in one stone: workout & relax.

MATINEE IT- I love going to the movies! So much so that I prefer to go alone when possible. Matinees are the best. Unlike evening movies they cost less and it is less pressure to have a movie partner. Going to the movies at night when everyone is with someone and you are Han Solo can feel a little sad, but during the day its much more common to see folks alone at the movies. Nowadays most theaters have reclining seats and awesome food at the snack bar. You can even pack you're own lunch a sneak it in (as I tend to do lol). So sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy a movie sometime!

However you choose to relax relate and release make it a priority! Self care is so important and definitely not selfish! We all need some US time to face the world everyday. Now that money isn't an excuse, I'm going to have to write a second relaxation themed blog about time!!

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